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Sunaj Assassins
Montréal - Canada

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Under the pseudonym Sunaj assassins long time friends and production partners Mike Shannon and J.Hunsberger released some of their earliest material on the co-founded label Cynosure recordings. Due to Mike Shannon’s move to Montreal the project was put on ice and until recently has just been thawed by Logistic records in Paris. “Sunaj is a type of assassin that holds a false identity”. In this case it’s two faces that make up one sound. One sound that can never be predicted or judged in respect to it’s origin or present direction. A true assassin is one that never reveals true methods of attack. A multi-angled approach to dance experimentation is what these two achieve when they come together to attack the floor.

Mike Shannon is currently based in Montreal, Quebec were he continues to run Cynosure and Revolver Canada. J. Hunsberger's Studio work is based in Kitchener Ontario, Canada but the two still manage to collaborate on the Sunaj project. Hunsbeger has several new releases for 2005 on Revolver, Mule, Blank and Mutek Rec.

Now the duo have come back together with a new single entitled “Cold Callin” featuring the vocal stylings of Canada’s Mu aka Tunji. (Charlie’s on the dancefloor). The cryptic meanings of” Cold Callin” can be interpreted in many ways but it’s modular design allows the listener or dj to use it’s message in many different ways.

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  • Mike Shannon - Montréal - Canada
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