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Richard Knight
Manchester - Royaume Uni

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Raised in the surroundings of conflicting natural beauty and industrial decay of northern England, many of Knight's primary influences are based around the clash between organic and electronic. He began producing music and playing in diverse experimental bands/projects in and around Leeds, but had always been motivated by the essence of Detroit - and the power of rhythmic repetition. Eventually he discovered the midground between dancefloor and avant-garde; a variety of exciting and underground dance music occurring primarily around Europe. Knight still has a prominent interest in blending techno music with obscure methods and styles of music while retaining floor credibility. Although beginning DJing with vinyl, he was never quite satisified with just two decks, and strives for more intense computer-based DJ sets, without resorting to laptop screen staring. As a computer programmer in addition to producer, he likes to think that any sounds and structures imaginable can be created and arranged using a computer - although it may take a bit of time. Now based in Manchester UK, Knight coordinates a regular experimental/improvisation event with a focus on live electronic music. He also DJs at a monthly club afterhours event based in the city centre, and has impending plans for a part-acoustic techno bigband, in addition to software which attempts to generate palatable dance music with minimal human input. His recent release history includes a techno/ambient album for Manchester based label Concrete Moniker, which utilises only tamed feedback as a sound source.

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