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Brainstew 2
Tom Ellis, Baby Ford

12" - LOG 067 - 2011 - 7.00 Eur

Logistic is proud to release another collaboration Ep from Tom Ellis and Baby Ford. This part 2 has a second remix version of Brainstew by Baby Ford and 2 special tracks by Tom using elements taken from sounds factory. A1. Printhaus Stew has a Mike Ink flavour, a dub techno track with special sound structure. Very groovy and dancefloor killer, the ingredients are from the Cardiff Printhaus. A2. Penybanc Stew is a minimal house track very groovy with nice pads in the middle. In the line of Akufen’s music this track is stripped down to the best and has been made in the beautiful surroundings of Pen Y Banc, Machynlleth. The B side contains “Brainstew Baby Ford remix part.2” Another long and dj's friendly version from the Uk acid house pioneer. This new remix is very hypnotic with strong groove perfectly design to be a dancefloor killer. The production work is amazing on this version.. very precise work. The voices are superbely used. This new remix is a huge piece of techno music as it’s best. Enjoy !



A1. printhaus stew - 2010

A2. Penybanc stew - 2010

B. brainstew (baby ford remix part 2) - 2010


Date de sortie

Monde entier : 14 février 2011


Tous les titres sont écrits et produits par Tom Ellis excepté la face B remix et production par Baby Ford

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